Exchange chain letter (postcard). Send 1 postcard and 5 postcard copies. US, 1941.

Chain Card

Marcus Peck
  Box 883
      Donna, Texas
Lowell Chester
  2529 Main St.
          Napa, Calif.
Miss Jeannette Bruno
   2925 N. Broadway
         Los Angeles, Calif.
Send a Card to top name.
Omit and add Your name then
make 5 copies and send to 5 friends.

Picture postcard (Beach at Santa Barbara, CA). Back is postmarked May 31, 1941 in Los Angeles, Calif. Also stamped "Jun 6 - 1941" in violet near bottom. Writing in black ink. Addressed to: John F. Beety, 218 Charles St., Lynbrook, New York. Lines preserved (left half). Supplied by Al Hansen of Levittown, NY to VanArsdale.


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