Exchange chain letter (postcard). Aprons. Send one, two names, five copies. US, 1941.

Mrs Fred Heffelmire, Brady Lake, O.
Mrs W.H. Smith McKinley Park, Marion, O

This Club was started to increase apron
supply -Make five (5) copies of this
card, omit top name and send her an
apron.  Sign your name & mail within
2 days.  Sign your name to apron.  You
will receive 25 aprons.

Please dont break Club.

Government issue postal card mailed from Marion, Ohio on Feb. 12, 1941 to "Mrs. Mary Bails, Sullivan, Ohio." Text written in black ink on back of card (landscape format). Lines preserved.  Collected by Linda Zinn in Cleveland, sent to VanArsdale on 2/14/96.


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