Exchange chain letters (two). Dishtowels. Send one, two names, six copies. US, 1940.     With mailman's note.

Mrs. William Wakefield
   Center Harbor N.H.
Mrs. Ernest E Davis
   Center Harbor N.H.
   Get a supply of 36 dish towels
at the price of one within three
days.  make six copies of this
card, leaving off the top name
and adding your name to
the bottom.
   Send one towel to the name
your removed.  You will receive
36 towels when your name comes to the top.
   Give a surprise package
and look for one.
   Its  fun to see where they
come from.
   Be A  Sport.

Hand written letter post marked in Center Harbor, N.H. on May 4, 1940. Addressed to Mrs. Edith Grant, Meredith, N.H.  Stamp is 1½ cent. Paperclipped with an identical letter (addressed to Mrs. George B. Elliott, Wolfebors Falls, N.H.)  with mailman's note: "Return for postage, 1½ due on each . Notice - Chain letters are prohibited -".  Photocopies provided by the James H. Patterson "Unmailable" collection. Lines preserved. Entered 5/15/2002 by DWV.


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