Exchange chain letter (postcard). Postcards. Send 4, 4 names. With receipt dates. US, 1939.

Dear Card Collector
To add new and
interesting cards to
you collection send
a view card to each
name below.

I  Walter W. Morris
206 So. I St.
Livingston, Mont.

II  Cleva Mitts
P.O.Box 103, Seaside, Calif.

III  Gloria Helwig
Halfway Tree
Jamaica - B.W.I.

IV  Frances V. Hamilton
Cowart, VA

Make 4 copies. Leave off top
name. Add yours to the bottom.
Mail to friends.

Picture postcard (linen, The Rock Wall on Mt. Rushmore Highway) postmarked July 17, 1939. Back is printed in pencil as above, landscape format with address on right half.. Addressed to Mrs. Helen Balce, Lisle, Illinois. Additional blue ink writing appears on card, not given above. This records date (and sometimes sender and town) of receipt of a card from the chain. At least 6 were received, numbered 1 to 6 on the card. Dates of receipt include: (1) 7-19-39, (2) 7-26-39, (5) 7-27-39, (6) 7-28, 7-29-39, 8-4-39.  Supplied by Don Shimkus, Lombard, Ill. to VanArsdale.


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