Exchange chain letter. Postcards. "Card shower." Send 4, 4 names, 4 copies. US, 1939.

Card shower.

1. Mrs. Roy Sherer
New Philadelphia, Ohio
R # 3
2. Mrs. Waldo W. Carter
3379 - 22 nd St.
San Francisco, Calif.
3. Evelyn Whitmore
829 Williamson St.,
Eaton, Penn.
4. Laura Giebner Box 26,
Gold Beach, Oregon.
Mail one card to each.
Cross off top name , add
yours. Send 4 copies - 8
cards in all.

Picture postcard ("The  Oregon Coast") mailed June 6, 1939 from Gold Beach, Ore. to Clyde Whitman of Syracuse, N.Y. Handwritten text in green ink fills left half of back. Lines preserved. Provided by Jim Shaw of Alexandria, VA to VanArsdale.


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