Exchange chain letter.  Golf ball.  Published. Send one golf ball, three copies.  List not provided.  US, 1935
This is an honest chain letter started to help a poor dub golfer like you, who has lost all his balls in the rough. Summer is coming on and the grass is deep so do your part to promote happiness and reduce profanity on the golf course.

When you receive this letter send a 75 cent golf ball to the name on the top of the list below, Scratch off the top name and add yours to the bottom and make three copies of this letter. Then send these letters to three other dubbers.

If this chain is not broken by you, you will have enough golf balls to play at least six or seven holes.  Which is more balls than a duffer like you needs. Do not break the chain. If you do, I hope all your drives end in divots and all your putts pass the rim.

Published: The Paris News (Paris, Texas), 15 May 1935, p. 6. Entered by DWV, 11-30-2013.


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