World Record Chain Letter for Kids.  No stamp, six exterior names. Quota 7. Denmark, 2007.    With letter from the mother of recipient.

Children started this letter in 1996 so if we
keep it going until winter 2006 it will be
published in the Guinness Book Of Records
along with the names of the children who took
part. Nobody has broken it yet so please don't
be the first.

To keep it going all you have to do is copy this
letter and send it to 7 of your friends. It's free
so you have to write 'Guinness Book Of
Records for children' instead of a stamp.

You have 4 days to send this to 7 friends under
the age of 18. The day you receive the letter is
the first day. On the back of the envelope there
are 6 names, do not copy the first name, just
the 5 names underneath and add your own
name to the bottom. You must send this letter
by post because the post office is monitoring
who breaks the chain. In a week you will
receive a thank you letter.

Letter from mother, dated 6 Feb. 2007, from Denmark

To further enlighten the case, I can tell you that the first time we became aware of the chain letter was last fall, when we received a letter from one of my daughter's class mates with a wrong address. On that occasion my daughter told me what it was about, which means that the letter was well known in her class some 4-5 months ago.

I am glad to help you in your project, and so is my daughter. Her only concern is that anyone should find out that she broke the chain. I have assured her that no one can know, and that you will not disclose her name on your website or in any other publication.

Very late generation photocopy of large format word processor original. Lines preserved above. Came in a 9 x 6 inch envelope addressed to a child in Denmark. In the upper right corner of the envelope was written: "Guinesse book of records for Childrens" in three lines. On the back was a list of six names, five of them girls' names. Provided by D.M. after email correspondence. Entered 2/14/2007 by DWV.


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