World Record chain letter. "Guineas Book of World Records for Children" instead of stamp. Quota 7. US, 2005.

Dear   H*****, C*****, & B*****

Would you like to help kids who started this letter in
1996? If the chain isn't broken until spring 2006, it
will be put in the Guinness Book of World Records
along with all the kids that took part in it.  Nobody
has broken the chain yet. Please don't be the one
who breaks the chain!

All you have to do is write or type this letter and send
it by mail.  The reason you must send it by mail is
because the post office is monitoring who broke the
chain.  As you can see the mail is free. Just write
"Guinness Book of World Records for Children"
where you would put the stamp. You have four days
to send this to seven people under the ge of 16. The
day you receive this letter is one of your four days.
In a few days you will receive a letter thanking you
for your part in this chain.

                                                   Your friend,
                                                        M****, O*****,
                                                                & L****

Photocopy of word processor produced letter, large font (5 mm caps). First names at top and bottom signed in ink. Envelope postmarked in Charlotte, NC on Sept. 6, 2005. Letter addressed to the three names at the start of the letter (plus last name), at street address in Mooresboro, NC. No return address. No stamp - in place of stamp is printed "Guinness Book of World Records for Children" in 3 lines, quoted. Lines preserved above. Provided by J. Hamrick. Entered by DWV, 9/17/05.


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