"World Record" chain letter. Kids (1996). "Mailing is free." No list of names. Seven copies. US, 2005.

           Dear Shoshi

Would you like to help children who started this letter in 1996?

If the chain isn't broken by the spring of 2005 it will be in the Guinness Book of World Records,

along with the names of the kids (including you) who took part in helping. So far nobody has

broken the chain! Please do not be the first one to break it!

All you have to do is retype this letter and send it by mail. Mailing is free. No stamp necessary!

All you have to do is write "Guinness Book of World Records for Children" in the spot where

the stamp would usually go. (See my envelope.) The reason you have to send it by mail is so the

Post Office knows who broke the chain.

You have 4 days to send this letter to 7 people under the age of 16. The day you got the letter is

one. In a few days you will get a letter thanking you for taking part.

                             from Shoshanah

Word processor letter except for "Dear Shoshi" and "from Shoshanah" which are hand printed. Lines preserved above. Envelope postmarked on April 23, 2005 in Boston, MA. No stamp, instead "Guinness book of World Records for children" written in upper right corner in four lines. Addressed to Shoshi in a town in MA. Return address sticker - name and address in Brighton, MA.

Identical copy of this letter (same keystrokes & spacing) sent to same person in Sharon, MA, signed "Love, Esti."  Envelope sent from Malden, MA according to return address label, and postmarked in Boston (date not legible). "Guiness Book of World Records for Children" written in three lines where stamp goes. Postmarked inverted (at lower left of envelope).

Both letters sent to DWV by Diego F. Wyszynski. Entered by DWV on 5/6/05.  Derived from a postcard exchange letter.  Reclassified from  "exchange - English"  (xe) to "world record - English" (we) motivational category on 5/6/05. Five others, all since 2000, also renamed to "w" category on 5/6/05.

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