Luck chain letter.  Flower of Jesus.  "Say three Our Father's and three Hail Mary's ..."  Three copies.  US, 1937.

                                   McAdoo Penna/
                                  March 4, 1937

Dear Friend:

This is alittle Flower of Jesus chain letter
It was sent to me and I am sending it to you, so that
the chain may not be broken.

           Make three copies of this letter andsend ti
to three friends to whom you wish good luck.  This letter
was started January 30,1936 and it is to go around
the world three times.
          The fourth day after you have received thsi letter
luck will come to you.  It is remarkable how this pre-
dictuion comes true.  Make three cioies bffore the four-
th day and see what happens.  Say three Our Father's
and three Hail Mary's trusting that the chain will not
be broken.  This letter was sent to me by Mary Shellhamer
Will you please keep up the good work.  It has veen approved
by the Sisters of St. Francis.

         Write three copies ststing the  name of the persons
you have received if from.    

                                 Dincerely Yours

                                Mrs David Weir

Typed letter, no envelope. Keystsrokes preserved above. Sic "ti", "alittle", "andsend" "thsi", "pre-dictuion", "cioies", "bffore", "veen", "ststing", "Dincerely". Purchased on eBay for $15; entered by DWV on 12/21/2012.


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