Religion chain letter (charity form). Prayer request for missionaries. Five copies. U.S., 1905.

No. 152                               Minneapolis Minn.
                                                  July 30 - 1905.
Dear Friend
                   I have been requested to ask five friends to join us
in prayer that God will bless the Missionaries in their work, and
raise up young men and women to go forth with the glad tidings
to those who have never heard.
     Please write coppies of this letter to five friends, without delay,
giving to each the number next to this. Send each to one you know
will fulfill the conditions. Pray that the chain may not be broken.
If you cannot comply, notify us that the chain is broken.
    Yours in the Masters Service
           Mrs. R. H. Leonard
                6 ½  N. 4th St.

Handwritten in black ink on 8" x 5" lined paper. Envelope postmarked in Minneapolis on Aug. 2, 1905. Addressed to Mrs. Jamie Bowden, Brodhead, Wisconsin, Box 447. Back of envelope postmarked "Rec'd" in Brodhead, Aug. 3. Paragraphs preserved. Sic "coppies." Original is 26 lines, front and back of paper. See  re1906-3_prayers_q10 for a subsequent q10 example of this chain. Provided by Jerry Docteur. Ebay lot no. 2271229055 closing on 9/26/04. Entered by DWV, 9/30/04.


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