Religious chain letter. A Prayer to St. Joseph. Distribute five copies, pray nine days. US, 1898.
               Nellie Sullivan

       A Prayer to St. Joseph.

  Oh, St. Joseph
          Whose protection is so great
success so prompt before the throne
of God. I place in you all my
hopes, and confide to you all my
interests. Deign Oh, St. Joseph to
assists me by your powerful inter-
cession and obtain for me from
your devine foster son all spiritual
blessings through Jesus Christ our
           So that after having enjoyed
here below your heavenly favors,
I may offer you my thanksgiving
and homage to the most tender
and loving of all fathers.
            Oh, St. Joseph, I never weary
of contemplating you Jesus asleep on
your arms; but I dare not approach
while he reposes on your heart.
           Press him in my name, kiss
softly his forehead for me, and ask
him to return that kiss when I
draw my last breath.
           St. Joseph, patron of disparing
souls pray for me.
- - - - -
          To obtain the request granted
to this prayer.  It must be written
and given to five different persons
who will give it to five others.
        Repeat the prayer for nine days
after distributing it. It has never
been known to fail in any request.

                        Nellie Sullivan.

             Mary Hennessey.

Handwritten letter on folded 9 15/16 by 8 inch paper. Envelope postmarked in Palmyra, N. Y. on May 6, 1898. Addressed to Miss Nellie Sullivan, Clyde, New York. No return address. Lines above as written. Sic "assists", "devine", "disparing". The two names at the bottom of the letter are written over illegible erased names. Provided by Linda Rawls. Ebay lot 170004837478 closing 7/09/2006. Entered by DWV, 7/17/2006.


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