Money chain letter.  "To The Women Friends In My Life ..."   US, 1993

     To  The  Women  Friends  In  My  Life  Who  Know  How  To
               Dream   And    Create   Their   Own    Reality

Ordinarily, I entirely ignore these letters, and up to now, have never
sent one.   But  something  tells  me this is different, so I am
participating.  It is only to women, and it is only from friend to
friend.  We know who we are, and that each one wants the money for
something specific.
Jill Nelson rant these prompt letters legally four times last year.
The first time she received about $10,000 and the other times,
$7,000.  If this letter continues as it should, everyone profits  Let
me tell you the story and the details.  Follow them and in about ten
days, you should be $10,000 richer.  This letter will give you
$10,000 because there are only four names on it a one time.  Three
moves and you are in the position to receive your money, $1 from
each participant.    This promotional letter was started by Jill Nelson
of Nashville for the purpose of acquiring investment capital.  Now
this letter has expanded.
Just send $1 wrapped in a blank piece of paper to the first name on
the list, then omit that name from your list.  Add your name to the
bottom of the list.  Send the letter and the list to 10 prospects,
women only.  Mail  this letter within  40 hours.  Please do not
break the pattern.
When your name reaches first position, it will be your turn to
collect the money.  The money should be sent to you by 10,000
women like yourself (10 x10 x10=10,000).  Your entire
investment is only $1 plus stamps.  If the pattern is not broken,
there is no way it cannot work.  Be sure to copy (or photocopy)
this letter its entirety  Please report the results to the Imperial
Sales Company, 3095 Ivey Way, Knoxville, TN 37914.  Let us know
how much you received within 10 (ten) days.  We are at this time
receiving reports of almost 100% success - most women receive
Send this letter to women you know personally and consider Doers.
Send it to those to whom you would grant prosperity.  This is not an
illegal letter  If you do not wish to participate, please return this
letter within 48 hours and you'll be surprised at the result.
Also, beside your name, include the specific thing for which you
desire to use the money.   Good Luck!

Photocopied word processor original. Lines preserved here. Original digitization lost. Supplied by William Hansen. Re-enterred 6-11-2013 by DWV.


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