Money chain letter.  War stamp chain.  Send one 25 cent stamp.  Six names on list. Copy quota five.  US, 1945.

             [Anne Mc**llan's address commercially printed]

Miss Esther Zeller
Riseyville, Va.

Miss Margaret Egghorn
Riseyville, Va
Miss Anne Mc**llan
Culpeper, Va.

              War Stamp Plan
Buy a 25¢
war stamp and mail
it to the person at the top of the
list. Make 5 copies of the letter
leaving off the top name and
adding yours to the bottom.
Mail them to five of your
friends that you can rely on
not to break the chain. The
chain has been approved
by postal authorities as it
[..... page break .....]
promotes the sale of bonds and
stamps, approximately $101.25 in stamps
will be sent to you if the
chain is not broken.
  If you do not wish to
continue the chain will you be
patriotic enough to return
this letter to me with in
5 days so the chain will not
be broken.

Purchased on eBay, 5/2017. Envelope postmarked March 17, 1945 in Culpeper, VA. Addressed to Miss Gloria **rington, Bue Ridge Avenue, Culpeper, Virginia. Return address (commercially printed): Anne Mc**llan, 210 West Asher Street, Culpeper, Virginia. Text written in pencil on two quarter faces of  brownish paper, 6 3/4 by 10 3/4 inch paper. Two names altered for security. The town "Riseyville" is uncertain. No similarly spelled town is listed in Virginia in the World Almanac. Lines preserved. The words "in stamps", exceeding the right margin, are written vertically.
Entered by DWV, July 02, 2017.

me1945-03-17_warstamp_ s1n3q5

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