Money chain letter (War Saving Stamps). Send 10 copies w. stamp. Five tier list. US, 1944.

                                                  [25¢ war stamp affixed here]
Mr. __Farrar___________:

Here is a chain letter I cannot persuade myself to ignore.
Ordinarily, I, and I am certain you too, consider such letters
a nuisance and not worthy of further attention.  But this one
is  truly in a great cause and I understand this particular
letter has governmental approval.

It requires that I send you and nine others a 25-cent war
stamp.  Your stamp is attached hereto.  The cause is worthy
and I trust you will not break the chain; so to complete it
you will please do the following:

1.  Select ten of your friends and send them each a 25-cent
war stamp.

2.  Copy this letter, if you wish, asking that they do like-
wise to ten of their friends.

3.  In addition to sending these stamps to ten of your friends,
also send two (2) 25-cent war stamps to the name and address
of the person at the head of the attached five-name list.
Kindly send me a copy of your letter of transmittal, just as
I, in turn, have furnished such a letter.  In doing so, please
remove the name at the top of the list and add yours at the
bottom; consequently your name will become No. 1 in due course
and you will receive similar attention multiplied a thousand

If you will continue this, there will be an astronomical amount
of war stamps sold, and that, after all, is our patriotic duty.
But if you do not wish to continue it, please return the attached
list of names to me immediately.

                                Sincerely yours,

                                Rudy Vallee

1.  Maurice B. Benjamin, 610 Pacific Mutual Bldg., Los Angeles 14
2.  Al Wilson, Republic Studios, 4024 Radford Ave., No.Hollywood
3.  F. L. Vinson, R. N., Republic Studio Hospital, 4024 Radford
                                            Ave., No. Hollywood
4.  Bill Miller, 6255 Hollywood Blvd., Rm. 500, Hollywood,Calif.
5.  Rudy Vallee, 717 Equitable Bldg., Hollywood, Calif.

Emailed scanned image of typed letter. 25 cent war stamp affixed in upper right corner, covering part of the word "ignore." Keystrokes preserved. From a lot of 34 letters sent by actor Rudy Vallee to a woman fan in Washington DC. Supplied by seller, John of Westmont. Ebay lot 2191759199. Entered by DWV, 9/14/03.


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