Money chain letter. "The Defend America Drive." Send 25¢ stamp, four copies. US, 1941.

                    THE DEFEND AMERICA DRIVE

Fellow American:

Now is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid of
their country.

This chain was started in the interest of National Defense to
encourage the sale of Defense Stamps.

Your money will be put to work at once in the National Defense
Program to protect the freedom and safety of the U.S.A.  Join
the march of patriots.

                    KEEP THE CHAIN GROWING

Send one 25¢ Defense Stamp to the person whose name is at the top
of the list.  (Send only the stamp.)

Mail four copies of this letter to reliable fellow Americans.

Omit the first name on the list and add your own name to the bot-
tom of the list.  By the time your name leaves the list, you will
have received $256.00 worth of stamps which may be exchanged for

             1.  Mrs. Arthur W. Bell
                 65 South Street
                 Stamford, Connecticut

             2.  Mrs. Edward Seamen
                 Newfield Avenue
                 Stamford, Connecticut

             3.  Mrs. Arthur H. Metcalf
                 West Springfield
                 New Hampshire

             4.  Mrs. Nelson C. Lund
                 427 Wood Avenue
                 Bridgeport, Connecticut

             5.  Miss Mildred Stenstream
                 445 Wood Avenue
                 Bridgeport, Connecticut

[................... attached note ...................]


Made extra copies to save you time and effort.
If you're not interested, please send the copies
back to me so I can try someone else -- personally
I think it is a pretty good idea.

Hope everything's okay with you and that I'll hear
from you soon.


Original typed letter and four carbon copies, plus typed note dated 1/22/41. Was this possibly a mistake for 1/22/42?  No envelope. Purchased on ebay by VanArsdale, lot 533176601. Entered 1/23/2001.


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