Commercial Money Chain.  Gasoline Club. Ante: 38 cents (2 gallons). US, 1937?

                 GASOLINE  CHAIN

Hoadley's Cities Service                 Cities Service Gasoline
     North Ridge East -- Route 20              Kool Motor Oils

chain was started to supply you with gasoline for
the summer. Two gallons--(38c) thirty-eight cents donation
entitles you to membership in the Gasoline Club of Hoadley's
Cities Service Station.

   The purpose of organizing this club and chain was to supply
you with plenty of good gasoline for summer driving. The
headquarters for this club will be Hoadley's Station where all
copies will be certified free of charge and records kept for each
copy received at headquarters and two new copies will be supplied.

   Give these two copies to two friends and let them come in and
have copies certified. This will be done when they come to Hoadley's
Station and make a purchase of two gallons of gasoline.

   These two gallons will go to the top name on your list adding your
name to the bottom of the list.

   By following the above instructions your name will move to the top
of the list and you should receive 64 gallons of gasoline

1. G. L. Delaud

2. Bob Stevens

3  O. H. Figby

4  J. Hielier

5  Joe Berry

   Do not mail. By Carrying out the above instructions you will
guarantee the life of the Gasoline Club Chain.

   The above credit may be applied ot other merchandise.

Purchased on eBay, 2013. No date for item available. Gasoline was 19¢ a gallon from about 1935 - 1940. This is likely from 1936 - 1938. The road "North Ridge East, Route 20" is near Madison, Ohio. Entered by DWV, 11-29-2013.


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