Money chain letter. Send-a-dime (25c).  Asks return if no play. Part of the ACL hoard. US, 1935.

                Prosperity Club

Miss Bettie Merkel, 246 9th Ave., N. E.     St. Petersburg, Fla.
Henry Merkel 1719 Burlington Ave., N.        "       "       "
W. I. Sackrider 2707 Beach Blvd.             "       "       "
Mrs. S. I. Nix, 1204 Mary St., Waycross, Ga.
Mrs. L. E. Dillard, Jr., 415 Folks St., Waycross, Ga.
F. L. Bell, 206 Pendergast St.,            "      "

              HOPE             FAITH                PROSPERITY

This chain was started in the hope of bringing prosperity to
you.  Within three days make five copies of this letter, leaving
 off the top name and address and adding your name and address
at the bottom of the list and mail to five friends to whom you
wish prosperity to come.

In omitting the top name, send that person twenty-five cents (25¢)
wrapped in paper as a charity donation.

In turn as your name leaves the top you should receive 15,625
letters with donations amounting to $3,906.25.

Note- Is this worth a quarter to you?

Have the faith your friends had and this chain will not be broken.

Not-  If you are unwilling to carry out this work, please return
this letter to the last name on the list so this chain will not be

Follow instructions and watch the quarters roll in.

Typed letter. Keystrokes preserved.  Given by Jim Fisher, Charleston, S.C.  to D. VanArsdale.

This was one of 13 items from a 1935 Atlantic Coast Line railroad file, the "ACL hoard." These are designated by "rr" after the date in the archive filename.


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