Money Chain Letter.  Send-a-Dime. "... bringing back prosperity to you."  US-Canada, 1935.
Mrs Leroy Moffatt. 215 Phospher St.
                              New Orleans
Mrs John Pearce. 530 Horton Ave.
                       Detroit. Michigan
Mrs Ernest Chaple 156 Forest St.
                                Chatham. Ont.
Miss Margaret Jackson. Merlin. Ont.
Mrs Charles Rankin
                 RR No 2   Blenheim, Ontario
Faith - Hope - Charity
               This chain was started
in hopes of bringing back prosperity
to you. With in three days. make
5 copies of this letter leaving off the
top name and address and add-
ing your own name and address
at the bottom of the list and mail
to five friends to whom you want
prosperity to come.

------------ page break ----------------

In omitting the first name send
that person 10¢ in card board or
paper as a charity donation  As
your name leaves the top you
will receive 156.25 letter donations
 amounting to $1,562,50. Now is this
worth a dime to you. Have faith
your friend had and the chain
will not be broken.

Written in pencil on one side of two sheets of lined 8x5 inch paper. Lines preserved.  Envelope addressed to Mrs Thomas Peers. RR No. 2. Wallaceburg Ontario (in four lines). No return address. This likely not the letter that came in this envelope, based on paper and folds. Postmarked in Morpeth Ont., MY 29, 35. Envelope contained another chain letter: me1935-05-29A on different paper, in a different hand. No names the same. Purchased on eBay, 10/2018. Entered by DWV, 11/13/2018.


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