Money Chain Letter. Send-a-Dime.  Title: Prosperity Chain. US-Canada_1935

                     Prosperity Chain

Mrs T.G. Martin   RFD 112 Willoughby Ohio
Mrs Claude Withanison RFD Willoughby Ohio
Alma Moore  439 Henry St. Detroit Mich
Margarette Jones  1306 Delaware Detroit Mich
Stella Haggerty  438 Drexel Ave Detroit Mich
Ethel Johnston  Glen Rae Ont.

This charm was started in hopes of bringing
prosperity to you within five days. Make
five copies of this letter leaving off the top
name and address and adding your name
at the bottom of the list and mail to five of
your friends to whom you wish prosperity
to come

In omitting the top name send that person
ten cents 10 cts as a charity donation.

In time as your name leaves the top you
will have received 15-625 letters with
donations amounting to 1..5-62.5-0.

Now is this worth a dime to you have the
faith your friends have had and the
chain will not be broken

Written in black ink one side of a 10x6.3 inch sheet of unlined paper. First line completely crossed out with three or four ink strokes. Lines preserved.  Punctuation preserved. Envelope addressed to Mrs Thomas Peers. RR No. 2. Wallaceburg Ontario (in four lines). No return address. Postmarked in Morpeth Ont., MY 29, 35. Envelope contained another chain letter: me1935-05-29B on different paper, and penciled in a different hand. No names the same. Purchased on eBay, 10/2018. Entered by DWV, 11/13/2019/


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