Money chain letter. Send-a-Dime. With note and dime.  US, 1935.

                               Prosperity Club

Len Doerr  #400 West Main St.  Marion, Ill.
Mrs. James McMullen  #1400 Jefferson St.  Johnson  City, Ill.
Russel D. Jacobs     712 Circle Drive, Marion, Ill.
Grace V. Sandford   1044 West Monroe St.  Springfield, Ill.
Mrs. Lillian S. Dix    Starrucca, Penna.
  "  E. M. Clark  # 2311 Adams Ave.  Scranton, Penna

    This charm is started in the hope of bringing prosperity
to you.  In three days make five copies of this letter,  leaving
off the top name and address and adding your name and
address to the bottom and mail to five friends to whom you wish
prosperity to come.  In omitting the top name, send that person
ten cents as a good will donation.  In turn as your name
reaches the top you should receive 15625 letters with
$1,562.50   Now is this worth a dime to you?
Have the faith your friend had and the chain will not
be broken.  If for any reason you do not wish to join
the chain, return to last named person.
           Faith, Hope and Charity.

I'm enclosing your ten cents to send - if you don't want to bother don't. I wouldn't have sent them out if Mrs. Dix hadn't sent the letter.  Maybe if she asked me she might feel that I didn't so I am doing my best  and now have to answer the others.

Handwritten in black ink on 5 by 8 inch unlined paper. Note at end is written on a slant in the lower right corner in ten lines. Came with a dime enclosed. Lines preserved in text of chain letter. Envelope postmarked in Scranton,  PA on May 17, 1935. Addressed to Mr. Francis G. Clark, Springfield College, Springfield, Mass. Personal stationery imprinted on back: Mrs. George Roger Clark, 2311 Adams Avenue, Scranton, Penna. Purchased on eBay. Entered by DWV, 8-20-2013.


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