Money chain letter. Send-a-Dime. From the Bergrud hoard. US, 1935.      Not in physical archive.


Florentino Roche,  611½ Selby Avenue   St. Paul, Minnesota
Robert E. Farecy,  1956 Stanford Ave.   St. Paul  Minnesota
Frances Ley,  97 Kent Street,  St. Paul,  Minnesota
Pauline G. Bachman,  97 Kent St. Apt. 6,  St. Paul   Minnesota
Mabel Gilbertson,  Maddock, North Dakota.
Marie Bergrud, Hamberg, North Dakota
Elma Bergrud,  Heimdal,  No. Dak.
              Hope - Faith - Charity

   This club was organized in the hope of bringing prosperity to you. Within two days, make five (5) copies of letter leaving of the top name and address and adding your name to the bottom of the list, pass to five (5) of your friends to whom you wish prosperity to come.

   In omitting the top name, send that person ten cents (10¢) wrapped in paper as a donation, in turn as your name leaves the to it will be possible for you to receive 15,625 letters with donations amounting to $1,562.50. Now is this worth a dime to you to see how much fun you can have?

   Be a sport and give it a try.

[.....................Written in a different hand, on inside of envelope at fold of flap .................]

                                             May 13, 1935. -Monday.

Hand written in black ink on one side of 7.25 by 10.5 inch sheet of thick paper. Last name squeezed in in blue ink making a total of seven names (but probably retained by last named person, Elma Bergrud, hence not truly a seven name chain). Envelope postmarked on May 10 19(35) in Hamberg, N. Dak. Addressed to Miss Elma Bergrud, Heimdal, N. Dak. No return address. Written along inside flap of envelope: "May 13, 1935. - Monday."  Paragraphs preserved. Supplied by Russ Hornbacher, Fessenden, ND to D. VanArsdale. Original letter presented to Prof. Jean-Bruno Renard.

This is one of eight chain letters sent to Miss Elma Burgrud in Heimdal, ND in 1935, the "Bergrud hoard."  These are designated by the letters "br" immediately after the date in the archive file name.


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