Money chain letter. Send-a-Dime. Handwritten. Part of "Iowa" hoard.  Postscripts. Concludes: "Please do not break chain."  US, 1935.
                 Prosperity Club
              "In God we Trust."

Henrietta Zimmerman -  Waverly, Iowa
N. A. Moen -  Waverly, Iowa
Glen B Olson -  Elkader, Iowa
Henry V. Steele - McGregor, Iowa
Mrs. Gladys Olson - Elkader, Iowa
Mrs. Isabelle Olson - St. Olaf, Iowa

         Hope, Faith, Charity
This chain was started in hope of bringing prosperity to you.  Within three days make five copies of this letter leaving off top name and address and adding your name and address at the bottom and mail to five of your friends whom you wish prosperity to come. In omitting top name send that person (.10 cents wrapped in paper) as a charity donation.
In turn as your name  leaves top of list you will receive 15625 letters with donations amounting to $1562.50. Now! Is this worth a dime to you?
Have the faith your friend has, and this chain will not be broken. Read this carefully, and take a chance. I did.
Please do not break this chain.

Handwritten in ink on two sheets of 7 3/4 by 5 inch lined paper. Part of the "Iowa" hoard - see first of three Send-a-Dime letters (same date) for description of hoard including envelope. Lines and page break not preserved above.  Entered by DWV, Aug. 12, 2014.  


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