Money chain letter. Send-a-Dime. Handwritten. #2 of "Iowa" hoard.  Postscripts.  US, 1935.
            Prosperity Club

Audrey G. Fritz   Monona  Ia
Mrs. Kermit Klinge   McGregor  Ia
Adelia Embretson   St.Olaf   Ia
Oscar Thompson  St.Olaf  Ia
Gehard Olson   St.Olaf  Ia
Alice Bernhard  Monona  Ia

             Hope  Faith  + Charity

This chain was started in hope of bringing prosperity to you. Within 3 days make 5 copies of this letter leaving of the top name and address and adding your own name and address at the bottom and mail to 5 of your friends to whom you wish prosperity to come. In omitting the top name send that person 10 cents (wrapped in paper) as a charity donation. In turn as your name leaves the top you will recieve 15,625 letters with donation amounting to $1,562.50.

Now is this worth a dime to you?
Have faith, your friends has + this chain will not be broken.
Read this carefully + take a chance. I did.
If you do not care to join this chain

Handwritten in pencil on 7.5 by 4.6 inch lined paper. #2 item in the "Iowa" hoard. All three Send-a-Dime letters in the hoard have this same date. Envelope described with #1 hoard item.  Sic "of" for "off", "has" for "had". Lines in body of text not preserved.
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