Money chain letter (published). Early Send-a-Dime. Five copies, six names, deadline 3 days. April, 1935.

Hope, Faith, Charity

This charm was started in the hope of bringing prosperity to you. Within three days, make six copies of this letter, leaving off the top name and address, and adding your name and address at the bottom of the list, and mail the six copies to six of your friends to whom you wish prosperity to come.

In omitting the top name send that person 10 cents wrapped in paper as a charity donation. In turn, as your name leaves the top, you will receive 15,625 letters, with donations amounting to $1,652.50.

Now, is this worth a dime to you? Have the faith your friend had, and this charm will not be broken.

From: Denver Post, April 19 (Friday), 1935, p. 1&4. Headline story about Send-a-Dime. "Here's a sample of one of the letters, turned over to Nelson by Stevic Friday." Title probably omitted. Original format unknown. List of six names not published. Earliest known text - no example has been recovered that was postmarked prior to this first newspaper story. Sic "$1,652.50" instead of "$1,562.50". 


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