Luck chain letter. "This is the chain of St. Anthony."   Blind13 type. Translated from Spanish.  El Paso, Texas, 1936.
This is the chain of St. Anthony.
[or in other words, a chain of happiness and good luck.]
This chain was started by an African general, and should go around the world. Copy the letter 13 times and send one copy each day.
[The letter quotes the name of a woman who obtained a fortune 13 days after having sent the copies. It also tells of a man who broke the chain and died.]

Don't forget. This chain must go around the world, so that St. Anthony may be known universally by all who pay him homage..
[The letter assures the recipient that whatever his wish, big or small, will be granted provided instructions are carried out.]

Published: El Paso Herald-Post (El Paso, Texas), 29 June 1936, p. 5. Title: Priests Disapprove 'Good Luck' Letters. 'Chain of St. Anthony' offers fulfillment of wishes. "So-called religious "good luck" chain letters were criticized by El Paso Catholic priests today. The chain letters, written in Spanish, promise good luck and happiness."  Entered by DWV, May 22, 2014.


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