Luck chain letter (Polish). Death-Lottery cognate. Poland, 1992.
English translation only.

Read it as soon as possible, kiss somebody who you love. When you receive this letter there will be a miracle. The letter has been sent to you to make you happy. The original is in England. It has gone around the world a few times. Now, happiness has been sent to you. It will come to you within four days since you've got the letter, on condition that you will send the letter further. It's not a joke. You will get it. Send this letter to people who, in your opinion, need happiness. Don't send any money. Happiness has no price. Don't keep this letter. It must leave your hands within 96 hours.

A R.A.F. officer received $70,000. Jack Celiot won $50,000. He lost it because he broke the chain. Whereas Remio Walek from Philippines lost his wife within 6 days after he had got the letter. He broke the way of the letter, though just before his wife died he had won $95,000 in a lottery. The money came after he had decided to send the letter further. Send 20 copies of this letter and you will see what will happen within 4 days.

The chain comes from Venezuela. It was started by missionaries. After a few days you will get a surprise. That's true. Believe me even if you are not superstitious. Remember Konstancja Paasa got the chain in 1960, she asked her secretary to make 20 copies and to send them. After a few days she won 20 million dollars. Wingles Daas got the letter. She forgot that the letter should leave her home - she lost her work. Paul Wicaa got the letter, he didn't believe it and threw it away - he died after 9 hours

Don't ignore this letter.
That really works. (Don't send any money.)

Obtained by Michael Preston from Natalia Kasprzak, Dept. of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Krakowskie Prszedloniescie, Warsaw, Poland. Letter received in Poland in spring of 1992. Natalia's translation.


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