Luck chain letter (English translation of published Polish). Thirteen copies. Three husbands vanished. Poland, 1988.

Midnight [without beginning], this must go all over the world. We ask you not to break the chain and to send one letter every day during 13 days, and after 13 days to wait for happiness for yourself.  An Argentinean tore this card to pieces and after 13 days lost his son. Another man granted the chain's request and won 400 thousand zlotys.  Someone hid the cards and vanished in an accident.  Send it without your address and wait for your happiness.

Read an "Our Father" and an "Ave Maria," and pray to Saint Anthony and he will console you and will not abandon you.

Three women did not send their chains and all their husbands vanished in an accident.

From:  Bogustaw Beduarek, Literatura Ludowa. 1988. no. 1, p. 27. Translated by Yana Tishchenko. Original handwritten, possibly a postcard.


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