Luck chain letter (English translation of published Polish). St. Anthony's chain. Twenty copies. Poland, 1986.
Saint Anthony's Chain

Believe in God with all your heart.  He justly rewards good and punishes evil.  Pray and ask God's forgiveness of our sins. Receive the sacraments often.

This letter comes from Holland and will give 19 years of good fortune to each who will send 20 copies of this letter and who desires to be happy.  You should send the letters during the 19 hours after receiving this. One officer threw out this letter after receiving it and 3 weeks later lost his wife, and 5 weeks later  died. There were a lot of accidents after breaking the chain.  If you are superstitious you should know what will happen.

A Minister of Poland received the letter and asked his secretary  to make 19 copies and send them to his acquaintances. After some days he obtained an inheritance from his remote relatives.  Another man sent a coupon and won great gain. If you will send 20 copies, love, harmony and good luck will come to your home. Don't ever break your chain. Send it to people who are unlucky, who do not know or follow God. Say . . .  Jana Pawla II. [?]

With God.

From:  Bogustaw Beduarek, Literatura Ludowa. 1988. no. 5, p. 28. Translated by Yana Tishchenko. Original was handwritten.  The last sentence was untranslated.


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