Luck chain letter (English translation of published Polish). Letter to St. Antony. Thirteen copies. Poland, 1984.

Letter to St. Antony

Give us peace and ask God for a benediction for our family. Have mercy upon us, help us gain knowledge  and keep us from straying from God.  St. Antony, take care of us, protect us from bad people and from accidents, bring us to deliverance.

This letter was written by a Missionary from America and has to go all around the world.  Write it word for word and send it to acquaintances. A Pole from America tore this letter and his son vanished after 13 days.  One man granted its request and obtained a good fortune.  Someone hid this letter and vanished in an accident.

Send this letter, without your address, and good fortune will find you.  Say an Ave Maria and pray to St. Antony that he not abandon you.  Please do not break the chain, and send one letter every day for 13 days. After 13 days wait for your good fortune.

Good Lord, help St. Antony that this chain will go all around the world.

The letter you first took in your hands is for you to keep.

From:  Boguslaw Bednarek, Literatura Ludowa. 1988. no. 4, p. 27. Translated by Yana Tishchenko. Original was typed. Mailed to Vrotslav. The last sentence probably means the received letter is not to be transmitted.


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