Luck chain letter. Romance Game. Classroom note. Eight copies (no guys). US, 1995.

to a girl in school

this is a romance game from 1812 copy this letter word by word within
4 days give it to 8 peple (no guys) this is no joke it has worked
for 70 years. on the forth day drink a glass of milk and say his name
(the boy you like) 5 times withing the 6th day he will ask
you out if you brake the chain you will have bad luck
this starts as soon as you read this letter.

                            GOOD LUCK

Classroom note intercepted from a 12/13 year old girl by Maggie Wells in a Simi Valley, CA grade seven public school classroom in Dec. 1995. Printed in pencil on lined paper. Lines preserved here. Good luck underlines close together on original.


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