Luck chain letter (email transcription). Romance Game. Copy quota 7. Deadline 5 days. US, 1995.

Once you have received this letter you have to keep it. This is a love game played since 1887. You must copy this and give it to 7 friends within 5 days. On the fifth day drink a glass of water and say the first and last name of a boy or girl and within 5 days he or she will ask you out or say "I love you." This is no joke. It has worked for years. If you break this chain, you will have bad luck with boys or girls.

Placed on the Internet (email) at least as early as Oct. 12, 1995 in North Dakota. Preceded by this poem (centered within asterisks): "How far / Is near. / And how near / Is far? / If you're / Looking up now / We see / The same / Star." Text appears to be an unmodified digitization of a classroom note [Romance Game]. First listed forwarder had domain ""  Supplied by KMO.


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