Luck chain letter. Mexican origin, circulating in English. St. Jude Thaddaeus. Copy quota 24. US, 1995.

                          ST. JUDE THADDAEUS

Before anything, I would like to tell you that St. Jude Thaddaeus will help
you in everything you encounter. Nothing in part will end to this chain so
give it to a devotee of St. Jude Thaddaeus by mail. In thirteen days, you
will receive surprises no matter how impossible.

This chain would be sent with five cents which will be donated to the
church. This was sent around the world by a priest from Columbia.
                          DO NOT FORGET TO SEND YOUR COPIES
                                BEFORE THE THIRTEENTH DAY

For the favor of the Virgin of Mount Carmel, pray one OUR FATHER
and three GLORY BE.

This is not a game. You will receive luck if you send copies to your friends who need it most.

For any reason, DO NOT DESTROY OR TEAR.

Make 24 copies immediately.  Send to your friends and in 13 days, you will
observe luck.

Photocopy of word processor original. Large font title. Letter had a nickel taped head up at bottom. Received in Cary, NC in September 1995. Distributed to members of adult league soccer team. Accompanied by another chain letter. Paragraphs preserved. Supplied by Eric L. Montenyohl to Preston.


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