Luck chain letter. Death-Lottery type. "It Works." Love title. Rewrites. US, 1991.

    This Paper has been sent to you for good luck. Peace be with
you. And Peace be on Earth.  The origianl is in New England.  The
luck has been sent to you,  You will receive good luck wirhin 4
days of recieving this letter, provided you in turn send it.
     This is no Joke.    You will receive GOOD.  SEND   NO  MONEY.
Send copies to people you think need luck.   Don"t send money
as fate has no price.  Do not keep this letter.  It must leave your
hands within 96 hours.  An R.A.T. officer recieved $470, 000,00.
John Elliot recieved $40,000.00 and lost it because he broke the
chain.  Please send the copies and see what happens in 4 days.
The chain comes from Venezuela and was written by St. Anthony de Groop,
a missionary from South America.  Since the copy must tour the world,
you must take 20 copies and send them to friends and associates.
After a few days you will get a surprise.  This is true. Even if you
are not superstitious, note the following:  Constantine Diaz recieved
the chain in 1953.  He made 20 copies and sent them out;  A few days
later he won a lottery of  $2 million dollars.   Carlo Dabitt, an
office   employee, recieved the letter and for got it  had better leave
his hands within 96 hours.  He lost his job;  later,  after finding
the letter again, he mailed 20 copies.  Four later he got a better job.
     Do this to bring good into your life and into those you send it to.
                                        St. Jude
                                        THIS WORKS

Photocopy of typed original. Sent to Hummelstown, Pa, postmarked March 13, 1991. Keystrokes preserved. Sic "origianl," "wirhin." Collected by Alan E. Mays, Middletown, Pa.


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