The "Media" chain letter. Initial memo, chain letter, and 33 attached memos. Canada, 1990-91.

August 15, 1991

To:  Ray Martin
     Jim Miller
     Jacques Guigne
     Chris Pike
     Simon Shaw

Re:  Good Luck

Who among us could not use any small measure of Good Luck!!!


Monty Dyke

Monty Dyke

[.................................. Chain letter follows on a separate page ...............................]


This letter originated in the Netherlands, and has been passed around the world at least 20 times, bringing good luck to everyone who passed it on. The one who breaks the chain will have bad luck. DO NOT KEEP THIS LETTER. Do not send money. Just have a wonderful efficient secretary make four additional copies and send it to five of your friends to whom you wish good luck. You will see that something good happens to you four days from now if the chain is not broken. This is not a joke. You will receive good luck in four days.

[................................... 33 attached memos follow - condensed here............................]

Aug. 1, 1991: Who am I to fight all these high profile individuals with their needs for improved good luck??????  / GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL  / Bud Hodgson (NORDCO Ltd., Newfoundland, Ocean Research and Development)

July 26, 1991: Our fingers, eyes and toes are crossed for Good Luck! and Good Luck to you!!!!!!!! / David Bugden (Atlantic Signs Ltd., Newfoundland)

July 18, 1991: Luck, uh;   Luck, uh;    Luck, uh; . . . . . . . . . .
See, I do believe in luck !! / Bob Regular (Barrister, Solicitor and Notary)

July 10, 1991: Do you believe in LUCK?  I've tried practically everything else, WHY NOT? / George (Govt. of Newfoundland and Labrador, Dept. of Social Services)

July 4, 1991: Good Luck!, Good Luck!  Lots of Good Butter. / Red

June 19, 1991: So who wants to tempt fate, anyway! / Pete Godfrey

June 13, 1991: Just in case it works!! / Janet White

June 11, 1991: I have never responded to one of these foolish letters before. But, at this stage of the game, I can't afford to take any chances. / I sure hope this works / Diane N. Butt (Govt. of Newfoundland and Labrador, Dept. of Municipal and Provincial Affairs)

June 4, 1991: The way things are going we can't afford to take any chances.  Good luck. / Karin (Same dept. as above)

May 28, 1991:  A boost to the Paper Industry, if nothing else.  / Flo (Town of Wabush, Labrador)

May 23, 1991: Believe it or not, the Newfoundland Paper Industry needs all the help it can get.  Maybe some good fortune will come from this after all.  To receive your Good Luck, pass it on and start digging . . . / Keith (Govt. of Newfoundland and Labrador, Dept. of Municipal and Provincial Affairs)

May 7, 1991: The name for this is idiocy.  But hopefully not many will know.  Take it easy. / Lou (Town of Burin, Newfoundland)

April 23, 1991: If you believe any of this, call me, I can get you a good price on the Manuals Bridge! / Bill Alcock (Industrial Relations Management, Topsail, Nfld.)

April 17, 1991: Some GOOD LUCK will be much appreciated . . . Go for it!! / James P. Kenny (Hibernia Employers Association, Inc.)

April 16, 1991: I need all the help I can get!  I hope this brings you some luck. /  Susan Barrett

April 15, 1991: I really don't believe in these things but I'm not taking any chances so here goes.  Weekend, here I come!!!! / Kim Noseworthy (Hibernia, Management and Development Company Ltd., St. Johns, Nwfld.)

April 15, 1991: I'm not superstitious, but . . .! Good Luck! / Terry  Lloyd (Hibernia as above)

April 8, 1991: GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! / Kathleen Bradbury (Hibernia as above)

March 27, 1991: I make my own luck!  It's about time I get a freebie. / Karl Hawley (IMS, International Management Services Group Inc.)

March 19, 1991: LUCK: OFT wished for but only granted at random. / Bruce Dyke (RAGA Communications Ltd.)

March 8, 1991: Gentlemen: If I must have luck, I'd want it to be good luck! Grandma says it's the best there is! / Fred Hurrin

March 4, 1991: Lady Luck!  I never argue with a female! / Brian Peckford (Peckford Incorporated, Advisory services to Business)

Feb. 28, 1991: Success! "The progressive realization of a worthy ideal."  Sometimes known as good luck. So! / Bob Miller (RE/MAX Realty Specialists Ltd.)

Feb. 14, 1991: Condemned if you do, condemned if you don't! Good Luck / F. H. Edison (Sundland [?] Offshore Development Constructors)

Feb. 8, 1991: Tell me why I am doing this? / Kevin Dean ([?] Raymond Accountants)

Jan. 30, 1991: Gentlemen: These things can be irritating but to paraphrase an old saying: "Luck Happens."  / David M. Rankin (NETOCEAN Data Systems Ltd.)

Nov. 27, 1990: This may be crazy, but what the heck: there's no point in taking a chance. / Louis R. Comcau [Firm illegible]

Nov. 19, 1990: For once, what our country needs are more followers. This is my latest attempt to be one. / Gerald J. Doucet [Organization illegible]

Nov. 9, 1990: Hoping for good luck is one thing, but ignoring this chain is quite another. [name and firm illegible, Barristers]

Nov. 1, 1990: After the past five months, I don't dare break the chain. [Name illegible, on stationery of "The Senate of Canada."]

[?], 1990: Those liberal senators might break the chain. But I would not!  Good luck! / Senator Donald Oliver, Q.C. (The Senate of Canada)

October 18, 1990: Dear Senator, Given the recambolesque [?] behaviour exhibited by some of your senior colleagues in the Senate, you may find it useful to have their mind occupied on a much more constructive endeavour.  At the very least, continuing this chain should be less noisy! / Pierre Lortie [Govt. letterhead illegible]

Packet with lead memo (Aug. 15, 1991), chain letter and 33 additional memos dating from Oct. 18, 1990 (last in stack) to Aug. 1, 1991.  Photocopy degeneration increases down the stack, last several partly illegible, especially near tops of pages. Provided by Anna Guigne.


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