Luck chain letter. Translated Mexican letter with Tagalog addition. US, 1984.

                             SAINT JUDE THADDEUS

Before anything else, I would like to tell you that
St. Jude Thaddeus will help you encounter.  Nothing
in part will end the chain, so give it to a devotee
of St. Jude Thaddeus.  This chain will be made and
sent to different persons by mail.  In thirteen days,
you will receive a surprise no matter how impossible.
The President of Brazil received this copy but did
not give any importance to it.  In 13 days, he won a
lottery.  This chain should be sent with five cents,
which should be donated to the church.  This was
sent by a priest from Columbia around the world.

Exequiel Arellano made 24 copies and sent them before
9 days and received a million dollars.  Antonio Martinez
received it and forgot to send copies before 13 days.
He told his secretary to type it, but forgot to send
them.  He lost his job and at the same time, he lost
his life.

Isabel Buena lost her copy and lost her life.  Do not
forget to send copies before 13 days.  For the favor
of the Virgin Mary of Mt. Carmel, pray one Our Father,
three Glorpy Be.  This has been sent to us.  It is not
a game and you will receive luck.  Within 13 days, send
a copy to your friends who need it most.  For any reason,
do not destroy or tear. Mail 24 copies immediately.
In 13 days, observe luck.  For personal prayers, pray
2 Hail Mary's to St. Jude Thaddeus for something you
need most.  He will listen to your prayers.



Tulungan mo po kaming mag-anak. Iligtas mo po kami sa
panganib at tukso.  Galing ito sa isang kaibigan. Tuparin
at makikita ang kalutasan ng problema.

This started in Malabon and spread throughout the world.
Just make 24 copies and send them to your friends and
relatives.  Don't make fun or laugh at this because
something bad might happen to you or your family.

Photocopy of typed original. Placed on a car windshield May 5, 1984 in Oxnard, California. The following translation of the Tagalog is by Bill Clark:

Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help
Help me and my family. Keep us from danger and temptation.
This comes from a friend. Follow this and you will see the problem solved.

Keystrokes preserved. Provided by Duane DeSalvo to VanArsdale.


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