Luck chain letter. Death-Lottery type. "It Does Work." Trust title.  US, 1981.

        " TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, and He will acknowledge

          He will show the way."

     This prayer has been sent to you for good luck.  The original copy is from
Netherlands.  It has been brought around the world nine times.  The luck has now
been sent to you.  You will receive good luck within four days after receiving this
letter.  This is not a joke.  You will receive it in the mail.  Send copies of this
letter to people you think need good luck.  Do not send money for the rite has no
price on it.  Do not keep this letter.  It must leave your hands within 93 hours
after you receive it.  An R.A.F. officer received $70,000.  Joe Elliott received
$400,000., but lost it because he broke the chain.  While in the Phillipines,
General Welch lost his life six days after he received this letter.  He failed to
circulate the Prayer.  However, before his death he received $75,000.  Please send
out 20 copies to see what happens to you on the 4th day.  The chain comes from
Venezuela and was written Saul Anthony de Cadin, a missionary from South America.

     I myself now forward it to you since the chain must tour the world.  You must
make 20 copies and send them to your friends, parents, or associates.  After a few
days you will get a surprise.  This is true even if you are not superstitious.

     Take note of the followings:  Constance Diaz received the chain in 1963.  He
asked his secretary to send 20 copies.  A few days later he won a lottery for $200,000.
in his own country.  Carlo Raditt, an office employee received the chain.  He forgot
about it and a few days later he lost his job.  He found the letter a few days later
and got a better job after he sent it to 20 people.  Dalis Fairchild received the chain
and not believing in it, threw it away.  Nine days later he died.  For no reason at all
should this chain be broken.

REMEMBER!!!!! : No money.  Please do not ignore this.  It does work.

Photocopy of typed original. Keystrokes preserved. Original double spaced except for title. Received April 1981 in Oxnard, California.


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