Luck chain letter. Brill Bldg. Parody of Death-Lottery. Celebrity names. US, 1979.

Prayer: Trust in yourself with all your heart....and what you see in your minds will be...You will produce a it record, film, play, series or whatever...Maybe a hit all by yourself.

This prayer has been sent to you for good luck. The original came from the Brill Building. It has been down Highway 61 and Route 66, around the world by jet, arriving sublicensed in all territories. The luck has now been sent to you! You obviously need it. You will receive Good Luck within four (4) working days after receiving this letter. This is no joke. Your good luck is in the mail. Send twenty-five (25) copies of this letter to people you know who can use a bit of luck. Please send no money, but promotional records are O.K. Do not place this letter on your outfile for your secretary to take care of after she has done her nails. It must leave within ninety six (96) hours after you receive it. Add your name to the bottom of the list (professional names are acceptable), and leave off the top name when re-copying this letter. You may add information about what happened to you if you have ever received this letter before. NO HYPES please, and GOOD LUCK.

Col. Tom Parker received the chain in 1953 and asked his valet to make up copies and send along with services rendered. One week later he discovered Elvis Presley and Clive Davis. A record company executive, Ron Alexenberg, received the chain and lost it among his bills. Five days later his office was dismantled. He found the letter several years later while forming his own record label. He sent our fifty copies and as a result every release his company had went gold. Barry Gibb received this letter in 1975. During this time the Bee Gees had broken up. After sending out thirty copies, he reunited with his brothers for the first time in two years and recorded the hit "Jife Talking". Rita Coolidge received this letter two weeks before "Anytime, Anywhere" was released. She followed the instructions to a "T" and this album launched her multi-million dollar career. Jay Graydon, a studio Musician, received this letter last year and as a result became staff record producer at RSO records. Robert Stigwood received this letter and put it out with the garbage....the result? "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" was a flop at the box office. You figure it out! Jimmy Record apologises for the banality and has no idea whether this is for real, and is too chicken to break the chain.

        For no reason should this chain be broken!

Jerry Romero               Maxime Green            Ian Furray Sorbie
Winston O'Rourke           Christina May           Lonnie Donegan
Mimi Roberts               Mark Zivian             Eric Clapton
Kim Mujeri                 Ron Chirchman           Julian Lloyd
Annie Star                 Bob Shelley             Mary W. Donleavy
Bob Welch                  Willie Gibson           Oliver Tringham
Jimmy Record               Bill Agin               Ben Grove
Roberta Flack              Chad Peery              Janet Palmer
Alison Price               Larry Taylor            Nigel Laurence Brown
Charlie Star               Maury Baker             Jane Atkinson
Herman Tweeder             Jack Deaton             Jean Philippe Illiesco
John Ford Coley            Kevin Bassinson         Hubert Wayaffe
Van Morrison               Freeman Clemente        Peter Harder
Stephen Gries              Donna Fein              Henry Genalde
James Bruckner             Rita Jean Bodine        Michael Kunze
Tommy West                 Coleen Peterson         Siegfried E. Loch
Shawn McNamara             Joanne Smale            Rosa Pape
Susan La Barra             Peggy Colston           Jochen Leuschner
Herb Albert                Perry Goldberg          Andy Kernberger
Roy Thomas Baker           Nanoi Krant          Gus Budgeon
Wendy Barry                Bob Johnston          Kevin Wyatt-Lown
Robbie Marrantz            Ted Daigle          Bernard Wrigley
Loy Leibermann             Terry Carisse          Therapy
Tom Scott                  Caroll Baker          Jack Hudson
Sid Sharp                  Bob Piarce          John Toulson
Jeff Porcaro               Steve Simpson          Peter Robston[?]

Photocopy (gen: 9+) of typed original. Nine initial strike outs and nine concluding variant fonts. Paragraphs retained, keystrokes for names. Received in a Christmas card from Val Bailey, Dec. 1979. Collected by Paul Smith.


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