Luck chain letter. Death-Lottery type. Degenerate Lottery component.  19 names. US, 1978?

   Trust in the Lord with all your
   heart and all will acknowledge
   And he will light the way

This prayer has been sent to you for good luck.
The original copy came from the Netherlands
It has been around the world nine times
The luck has been sent to you. You are to
receive good luck within 4 days of
receiving this letter. It is no joke.
You will receive it in the mail.
Send 20 copies of this letter to people
you think need good luck. Please
do not send money. Do not keep this
letter. It must leave you within 96 hrs.
After you receive it. A.P.S Officer received
$70,000. Don Elliot received $60,000, but
lost it because he broke the chain while
in the Phillippines, Gen. Wglak lost
his life 6 days after receiving a copy
of the letter. He failed to distribute the
prayer. However, before his death, he
received $775,000 which he had won.
Please send 20 copies and then see
what happens on the fourth day after.
Put your name to the bottom of the list and
omit the top one when coping this letter.

1. J. Burgess         5. L. Gustavol
2. C. Keith            6. G. Minklein          9. R.J. Frank
3. R. McKenn       7. T. Minklein         10. J. Elbers
4. S. Lunsdord      8. E. Grzankowski  11. E. Feltz
13. H. Allen          17. C. Francis          12. P. Pratt
14. B. Rayner       18. P. Fodrocy
15. H. Sims          19. M. Noragon
16. M. S. Becker

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This Chain comes from Venezuola, was written
by Sir Antnio de Gardi, a missionary from
S. America. Since this chain must make
a tour of the world. You must make 20 copies
in addition to this one and send it to
Aquantances and after a few days you
will get a surprise. This is true, even
if you are superstitious. Make note of the
following. Gustantins Dios received the chain
in 1973. He asked his sectetary to make 20
copies and send them a few days
later he won the lottery of $2 million
in his country. For no reason
whatsoever should the chain be broken.

                       May the Lord Bless You

Handwritten letter. Sent to VanArsdale by Pauline Pratt of Sherman, Texas on Oct. 24, 1978 in response to an advertisement in the Star. Said to be a "Chain Pray letter" received "last summer." Possible confusion on dates. Also why are 7 names numbered after Pauline's? Sic "Venezuola", "aquantances", "sectetary". Lines preserved.


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