Luck chain letter. Death-Lottery type. Internal name list, mostly couples. "General Walsh lost his wife ..."   US, 1975.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and all will be acknowledged and He will
light the way.

This prayer has been sent to you for good luck. The original copy from the
Netherlands.  It has been around the world nine times. The luck has been
sent to you.  You will receive luck within four days of receiving the letter.
It is no joke.  You will receive it by mail.  Please do not send money.  Do
not keep this letter.  It must leave within 96 hours after you receive it.

An R.C. officer received $7,000.  Don Elliott received $50,000, but lost it
because he broke the chain.  While in the Phillipines, General Walsh lost his
wife six days after he received this letter.  He failed to circulate the
prayer.  However, before her death, he received $775,000 which he won.  Please
send twenty copies and then see what happens on the fourth day.  Add your name
to the list and leave the first name off when copying.

                                        Jack & Francis Yingling
S.  C.  Garcia                          Etta Brumbaugh
Albert Kinze                            Dave & Kaylene Burkhart
Sophie Kolodzsy                         Larry & Karen Pulka
Nita & Robert Hesse                     Pete & Linda Gotschalk
Bill & Leona Norton                     Pam & Gary Damis
Ken & Nancy Morris                      Debbie & Dan Stevoff
John & Margaret Heltman                 Holly A. Mastnick
Bob & Mary Rega                         Kay DeSpain
Frank & Joyce Muniz                     Joyce Stockton
Harland & Jeanne Huey                   James & Alice Pearcy
John & Peggy Carpenter                  Les & Juanita Lukachy
Rick & Lin McArle                       Norval & Betty Eatherton
Terry & Marcy Waldik                  Barbara Kennedy

Since the chain must take a tour of the world, you must make twenty copies
identical to this one and send it to your friends, parents, or acquaintances
and after a few days you will get your surprise.  This is true even if you are
not superstitious.  Take note of the following.

Constant Diaz received the chain in 1933.  He asked his secretary to make twenty
copies and send them out.  A few days later he won the lottery of $2 million in
his country.

Carlos Brande, an office employee received the chain.  He misplaced it.  A few
days later he lost his job.  He found the letter and sent it to twenty people.
Nine days later he got a better job.

Zarin Borracbilt received the chain letter.  Not believing, he threw it away.
Nine days later he died.  For no reason whatever should this chain be broken.
Make twenty copies and send them.  You will get your surprise.

Photocopy of typing. Preston: "Version A - Text 2." Keystrokes preserved. First name (Garcia) "X" ed out.


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