Luck chain letter. Early Lottery-Death type. Controlled list of 18 names. US, 1974.

Dear Friend,

This chain comes to you from Venezuela and was written by St. Antoine de Cadi, a
missionary from South America.  Since this chain must make a tour around the
world, you must make twenty copies identical to this one and send it to your
friends, parents, and acquaintances and after a few days you will find a surprise.
This is true even if you are not superstitious.

Take note of the following:
Constantine Dais received the chain in 1952.  He asked his secretary to make 20
copies and send them.  A few days later a letter of $2 million arrived in his
Carlos Brandt, an office employee, received the chain.  He forgot it and lost it.
A few days later he lost his job.  He found the chain and sent out 20 copies...
...nine days later he got a better job.
Zarin Rurreasvilli received the chain.  Not believing in it he threw it away, nine
days later he died.  For no reason whatsoever should this chain be broken.

Make 20 copies and send them and in nine days you will get a surprise.   Write
S.E.C.E in the right corner of the envelope.

                                   THINK A PRAYER
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and He will acknowledge and He will light
the way.

This prayer has been sent to you for good luck.  The original copy came from the
Netherlands.  It has been around the world nine times.  The luck has been sent to
you.  You are to receive good luck within four days of receiving this letter.  It
is no joke.  You will receive it in the mail.

Send 20 copies of this letter to people you think need good luck.  It must leave
within 96 hours after you receive it.

A U.S. officer received $7,000,000....Don Elliot received $60,000,000 but lost it
because he broke the chain.  While in the Phillipines, General Walsh lost his life
six days after he received the letter.  He failed to circulate the prayer.  However,
before his death, he received $75,000,000 which he won.
Please send 20 copies and then see what happens on the fourth day.  Add your name
to the bottom of the list and leave off the top name when copying this letter.

Thank you.

                                              Irwin H. Steinberg
Scott Stagg                                   Stan Bly
Jennifer Conn                                 Howard Bedno
Jan Lederman                                  Shelby Singleton
Ken Gardner                                   Bobby Poe
Fanette Singer                                John Sturdivant
Richard F. Wear                               Buddy Lee
Chris Garville                                Carl Worthen
                                              Webb Pierce
                                              David Peters
                                              Mike Nard

Photocopy of typed original.  Annotated: "Rec'd 6/29/74".  Traces of names whited out at start of first column. Last name in second column is different type. Keystrokes preserved. Supplied by the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress. Received by VanArsdale 2/20/98.


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