Luck chain letter.  Early Death20 type. "Think a Prayer." 26 names all men. US, 1959.

                            THINK A PRAYER

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and all will acknowledge
Him and He will light your way."

This prayer has been sent to you for Good Luck. The original
copy came from the Netherlands. It has been around the world
nine times.

The luck has been sent to you. You are to receive good luck
within four days after receiving this letter. It is no joke. You
will receive it in the mail. Send 20 copies of this letter to
friends you think need good luck. Please do not send money.
Do not keep this letter. It must leave within 96 hours after
you receive it.

A U.S. officer received $7,000.00. Don Elliott received
$60,000.00 but lost it because he broke the chain. While in
the Philippines, General Walsh lost his life 6 days after
receiving his copy. He failed to circulate the prayer. How-
ever, before he died, he received $665,000.00 he had won.
Please send 20 copies and after see what happens to you on
the fourth day. Add your name to the bottom of the list, and
leave out the first one. when copying this letter.

                                             Mr. Joseph Kushner
                                             Mr. Irwin J. Cole
Mr. Barry L. Dahne              Mr. Burnard Margoles
Mr. Nicholas H. Hope, Jr.    Mr. Edmond Yandow
Mr. William H. Williams, Jr Mr. Sydney E. Tindall
Mr. Charles A. Knott           Mr. Clarence Lusk
Mr. Martin D. Munger         Mr. Jack Lumiere
Mr. William L. Morris          Mr. Murray Sobel
Mr. Richard Jacoff               Mr. James E. Pierce, Jr.
Mr. W. R. Rosensteil            Mr. Lamar Wheat
Mr. George B. Garvey          Mr. John L. Hutcheson, III
Mr. Elliott Guzofsky            Mr. Jim Reilly
Mr. Arthur A. Pomper         Mr. Paul Mako
                                              Dr. Robert B. Jeffrey
                                              Dr. James J. Sullivan

Reproduction (spotty, early photocopy?) of typeset original (variable character width). Standard size paper. Mailed anonymously from Bloomsbury, NJ on Oct. 13, 1959 to a physician in Saginaw, Michigan. The containing envelope is embossed stationery from Warren Hospital in Phillipsburg, NJ. Lines preserved. Collected by D. VanArsdale.


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