Luck chain letter. "Luck by Mail" type, "Read Matthew 17-20." 16 names all women. US, 1955.

                       Good Luck
   The original copy of this letter comes
from the Netherlands. Read Mathew 17-20
in your Bible. The luck of it has been
sent to you. It has been sent around the
world four times by the U. S. Officers. The
one who breaks this chain will have bad
luck. Please copy this letter & see what
happens four days after you receive it. Do
not send money & do not keep this copy.
Send this copy & four others to whom you
wish good luck. It must leave your
house 24 hours after you receive it. Gene
Austin received $6,000 only to loose it after
breaking this chain. You are to receive
good luck four days after you get this
letter. You will receive it by mail. This
is no joke. Insert your name at the
bottom of this list & remove the top name.
  Elayne Brown
  Beverly Marmer
  Sophie Greenback

........................... Page break ........................

   Jeanne Fastek
   Midge Weiner
   Lu Kanejsky
   Cookie Sklas
   Francis Kaplan
   Ethel Metz
   Vera Shoyren
   Beverly Bartolomec
   Jean Waimerdam
   Dorothy Weiss
   Virginia Polles
   Jennie Czerniec
   Beatrice J. Nusniak

Handwritten in blue ink on 8" x 5" unlined paper. Envelope postmarked in Ivoryton, Conn., March 4, 1955. Addressed to Mrs. Paul Amutis, 1840 Belmont Ave., Bronx 57, N. Y. No return address. Lines preserved. Sic "Mathew", "leave your house". Provided by Jeannine Savin on eBay. Entered by DWV, 9/11/2007.


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