Luck chain letter. Chain of Good Luck. Published. "...sent to me by Ronald Service, Essex ..."  12 copies. US. 1952.
   The chain of good luck was sent to me by Ronald Service, Essex, and was sent less than 72 hours after he got it himself.
   It was started in Africa by a French officer under Gen. DeGaulle, and is going around the world for the first time. The person that breaks the chain will surely receive bad luck. Do not keep this. It must be mailed 72 hours after receipt thereof.
   A private in the Philippine Army won first prize in a sweepstakes on complying with this chain. Mr. Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president of the U.S.A. 32 hours after he mailed the letter.
   Capt. Haesee, who broke the chain, died after he received it. Seb H. Williams in the city of Dargen, who laughed at the chain of good luck, met instantaneous death in an accident in 1949.
  Cancel the first name and add your name to the bottom of the list. Make 12 copies, and mail to 12 of your friends.
  Special Note: One week before mailing by Doebler, Messes. Acker and McInese lost money. What will happen after mailing?

Published: The Post-Standard, (Syracuse, New York), 7 Feb. 1952, p. 14. "Central New Yorkers again are being deluged by 'chain of good luck' letters, "Persons with addresses in Houston, Tex., St. Joseph, MO., Ithaca, Syracuse and Manlius were listed as participants." Entered by DWV, 11-29-2013.


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