Luck chain letter.  "Chain of Good Luck." Copy quota twelve. Mailed from Burma, 1949.

Chain of Good Luck

This chain of good luck was send to me via United Press despatch and was sent in 72 hours.  It was started in Africa by a French Officer under General De Gaulls and is going round the world for the first time.  The person who break this chain will surely receive bad luck.  Do not keep this letter.  This must be mailed within 72 hours after your receipt  here of.  A private in the Philipine Army won the first prize in the sweeps takes for complying with this chain.  Mr. Frankling D. Roosavelt was elected for the third term as president of the United States 52 hours after he mailed this letter.  Captain Remero who broke this chain died 72 hours after he received this letter.  Detective Segundo B. Villanueva of the city of Baguio who laugh at this chain of good luck met instantaneous death in an accident on June 14, 1948.

Instruction   Cancel the first  name and add your name to the last.  Make 12 copies and mail it to your friends.  Do not retain this letter.

1. Alfred .T. O.koo     2. Y.T. Chaung.      3. Paul A. Chang.     4. Olive Pan
5. K.H. Chan .    6. N. Lee.     7. E.  Chu.   8.   Franky Monk .  9. G.T. Aung
10. M.T.O.    11. M.K.N.     12.   M.T.H

Copy to:- A. Logozorie for information and necessary action.

Letter, handwritten in ink on lined paper (7" vertical, torn at right margin). Small envelope was postmarked June 17, 1949 in Sandoway, Burma.  Addressed to A. Logozorie, c/o R. C. Mission, Navrongo N. Ts, Gold Coast, British West Africa.  Inadequate postage for intended airmail so sent "by surface" (so stamped).  No return address.  Reformatted here, original has 23 lines. Sic "despatch", "laugh" for "laughed", "De Gaulls", "break" for "breaks", "Frankling" for "Franklin". Ebay lot 1213121128, closed 1/13/2001. See Western Folklore 1950 for 1950 Berkeley newspaper mention. Purchased from auction winner by VanArsdale.


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