Luck chain letter (postcard).  Blind13. "Oh, Lord have mercy on this nation." Concludes: "Thirteen penny postcards."  US, 1945.
Oh, Lord, have mercy on this nation. This prayer must go all over the world. Copy and send copies to 13 friends and on the thirteenth day great happiness will come to your home. Don't fail or misfortune will befall yo. God bless the loved ones in the service. Don't let this prayer die in your home. Thirteen penny postcards.

Published: The Ogden Standard-Examiner (Ogden, Utah), Aug. 21, 1945, p. 12.
"The latest thing in chain letters, according to Postmaster Ed Vendell, can be called an honest attempt on part of well meaning Christians to save the nation or downright stupid fifth column activities, according to the people who are dealt with.
  The chain written on a postcard, reads:" [text]. [Omissions] "In other words, he concluded, if you get such a card, throw it in the wastebasket."


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