Luck chain letter. "Luck of London." "Send this and four copies." US, 1944.

                                                                          One flag, One country
                                                                          The luck of London

  The luck of London was sent to me, I am sending it on to you. This was started
by an American officer, -It has been around the world four times. Copy this and
see what happens four day's later! Send this and four copies to people you wish

     Grace Field won $45,000 after sending it. Dr. F.O. Anderson won $25,000 but lost it
because he broke the chain. It will bring luck to you four days after mailing it. Do
not send money. Do not keep this letter.  It must be mailed 24 hours after receiving
it. Good Luck. The one who breaks the chain will have bad luck.

Hand written in black ink. Letter mailed to Jean Reherman, Okarche, Oklahoma on Jan. 25, 1944. Sent from another town in Oklahoma (Custer?). No return address. Paragraphs preserved. Sent by Jean Reherman to Michael Preston. Preston sent me the original in 2015. The "13" in the file name should have been "25". Type mentioned by De Lys, 1948. Revised entry 10/16/2015 by DWV. 


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