Luck chain letter. Flanders-Prosperity type. "This letter is only for good luck." After Pearl Harbor attack.  US, 1941.
This letter is only for good luck. It doesn't cost you anything. This good luck letter of sender was sent to me. I am sending it to you within 24 hours. This chain was started by an American officer and it has been around the world four times. The one who breaks the chain will have bad luck. Copy this letter and see what happens within a few days after posting it. Don't keep this letter. Send this copy and four others to people whom you wish good luck.

Gracie Fields won $400 after posting it. Mr. Ambrose won $200 but lost it because he broke the chain. This letter will bring you good luck within four days. Don't send money.

Published: The Portsmouth Herald (Portsmouth, New Hampshire), Dec. 17, 1941, p. 12. WILL BREAK CHAIN OF 'GOOD LUCK' MAIL.  "Another chain letter has been discovered in this section, claims Postmaster Peter J. Hickey. Such a letter is contrary to the postal rules and regulations. ¶ This is a supposedly good luck letter and no money or merchandise is suggested to be sent, but regardless of this, it comes under the head of unmailable matter. The letter reads as follows:" [text].   Entered by DWV, Aug. 24, 2014.


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