Luck chain letter (postcard). "Blind13" type. Title: "Prayer of Safety." Quota 13. US, 1941.

This Prayer: Prayer of Safety must go all over the world by card. So when you get this card Send it to thirteen Persons and on the 13th you will receive $86 dollars. One woman made fun of it and on the 13th day her Daughter went Blind.

So Pray attention to this card
God Bless you read Mathew 10th chapter.

Government issue postal card postmarked March 3, 1941 in Cumberland, Maryland. Written in pencil on back. Sent to Mrs. Mary Whitacre, Ridgeley, West Virginia, Route 1. No return address. Sic "pray" attention. Supplied by Jere H. Greider, Columbia, PA to Daniel W. VanArsdale. See Pittsburgh Press. 1938.


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