Luck Chain Letter. Flanders-Prosperity type. "Good Luck to You."  "Cross off name at top and put yours at bottom."   US, 1940.
Good Luck to You. The Good Luck of Flanders has been sent to me and I am sending it to you. Four days after mailing it will bring you good luck. Do not keep this letter. It must be mailed within twenty-four hours after it is received. Send this copy and four others to people whom you wish good luck.

Mr. Mayfield received $4000 four hours after mailing. Mr. Nevin broke the chain and lost everything he had. Here is definite proof for Good Luck prayer. This bring prosperity to you four days after mailing. Do not send money. Cross of name a top and put yours at bottom.

[list of 21 names and towns]

Published: Middletown Times Herald (Middletown, New York). Thu, March 14, 1940. Page 5. Entered by DWV, 2/10/2016.

After above text:
"Then begins the list of names which in this case starts with four of Baltimore residents, seven of Salisbury, Md. residents, then the names of a Bradford, Pa. and a Doylestown, Pa. resident, names of five more Maryland residents, the last of whom lives in Centerville, Md. and then the names of three Middletown residents."


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